100+ Registered Users!

Wow! Just went through the 100 ‘Registered Users’ mark! What a fantastic way to end 2016!

It’s great that so many Dartmoor walkers have registered with the site and are enjoying using Dartefacts. Don’t forget that Registered Users (known hereabouts as a ‘Dartefacters’!) can tick-off Dartefacts as they are visited. Here is the list of Top Dartefacts (places visited).. looks like Nun’s Cross Farm is a popular destination!

On the 18th December I visited Crazywell Pool – the place where Dartefacts started. I wonder how many Dartefacters will visit this mysterious place in 2017? Have a great New Years everyone – and thanks for emailing me all of your items and comments this year! If you would like to join in and start Dartefacting then just click HERE.

Best wishes,

Rob (dartefact).