900 Km² Areas (9 options)

As slower devices/ internet connections may restrict your ability to easily view all 3542 Dartefacts you are provided with a range of viewing area options.

The ‘SX’ grid is an Ordnance Survey devised large map ‘square’ and is the area in which Dartmoor (and a good chunk of the South West!) resides. The ‘Dartefacts Project’ uses a 2500 Km² ‘SX’ area (below) that is comprised of 25 x 100 Km² squares.

SX Grids_Example







Although smaller than the main 2500 Km² area these areas can still contain a LARGE number of Dartefacts.

If performance is still an issue then use the ‘400 Km²’ or ‘100 Km²’ options.


900 Km2_North







SX 68 = Warren House Inn, Fernworthy Forest, Steeperton Tor, Sandy Hole Pass, West of Chagford.

North East

900 Km2_North East







SX 78 = Mortenhampstead & North Bovey.


900 Km2_East







SX 77 = Ashburton, Ilsington, Haytor, Rippon Tor & Widecombe.

South East

900 Km2_South East







SX 76 = Buckfastleigh, Holne & Scorriton.


900 Km2_South







SX 66 = The South Moor.

South West

900 Km2_South West







SX 56 = Burrator & River Plym, Down Tor, Cuckoo Rock, Sheeps Tor, Ringmoor Down, Trowlesworthy Tors, Ditsworthy Warren, Gutter Tor, Penn Beacon, China Clay Workings.


900 Km2_West







SX 57 = East of Tavistock, Princetown, Horrabridge, Walkhampton, Black Tor, North Hessary Tor, Merrivale, Great Mis Tor, Devil’s Tor, Cox Tor, Staple Tor, Roos Tor, Whitchurch Common, Vixen Tor, Sampford Spiney, Sharpitor, Leather Tor, King’s Tor.

North West

SX Grids_Example_900 Km2

SX 58 = Tavy Cleave, Bridestowe, High Willhays, Amicombe Hill, Cut Hill, Lane End, Horndon, Fur Tor, Watern Oke, Bleak House, Great Links Tor, The Dunna Goats, Widgery Cross, Lydford.


900 Km2_Central







SX 67 = Two Bridges, Dartmeet & Postbridge – the ‘central’ SX square!