XI inscription and hole Mystery on Kestor Rock!

Hi all Dartmoor Explorers! A really interesting mystery here from Emma Cunis (of Dartmoor’s Daughter).

Whilst out walking on Dartmoor Emma found an intriguing inscription on the summit of Kestor Rock. It is a small carved inscription ‘XI’ (Roman Numerals?) with a small drilled hole underneath. It has been suggested that it might be an early Ordnance Survey benchmark and that the hole is there for the central position of the theodolite used to survey the triangulation to other known high points. I am uncertain about the bench mark theory but there was certainly once an Ordnance Survey Triangulation Pillar on top of Kestor.

XI inscription (Roman Numerals?) and hole on Kestor Rock (Dartefact Item Link)

Any thoughts on this mystery anyone? I have yet to visit and the location is only a 6-figure estimate at present, but I have never seen this item before despite standing on the summit of Kestor Rock many times!

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Many thanks to Emma for supplying this information to Dartefacts.

Image above kindly supplied by Emma Cunis (Dartmoor’s Daughter).

200th Dartefacter!!

Wow! Dartefacts has today (Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at 6.15pm!) welcomed its 200th Registered User (Dartefacter!!) It’s really great that so many Dartmoor explorers have signed up to gain access to the location database of  3334 Dartefacts. I often wonder whether it is through online searches or ‘word of mouth’ that sends people to this website? Well, if you enjoy using these pages do feel free to tell others!

PUDC Markers Finished!

These 52 Water Works Boundary Marker Stones are inscribed PUDC on one side and RD/H on the other. PUDC stands for ‘Paignton Urban District Council’ and RD/H stands for ‘Richard Dawson, Holne’, from whom Paignton Water Works purchased 700 acres of Holne Moor, paying £11 per acre. The reservoir was constructed in 1907 to supply water to the Paignton areas. The Engineer was Fred William Vanstone and the Contractors were Hawking & Best, Teignmouth. The Reservoir was opened by F. Layland-Barratt Esq. M.P. on June 26th 1907. It was a Wednesday.


The stones face in accordance with which side is PUDC or RD/H land. The inscription always faces the owned land side. There are three ‘corner’ stones (Nos. 07, 22 and 43) where the direction of line changes and the corner stones appear to be turned 90 degrees from the stones either side of them to indicate this. PUDC stones Nos. 07 and 43 were used by Ordnance Survey to place Bench Marks. Dave Brewer suggested that the stones were placed ‘at fairly regular intervals of about 200 yards’ apart. However, there are a number of locations in the ‘loop’ where that is clearly not the case. There is a long gap between stones Nos.22 and 23. It has been conjectured that there might be a missing stone here. Several stones have been ‘paired-up’, sometimes the reason is clear (where the line of stones crosses a road i.e. Nos. 3 & 4 and Nos. 45 & 46 – to create ‘Gateway Stones’) but in other locations (such as Nos. 26 & 27) the reason is not so clear. For 26 & 27 the pairing does have a ‘track’ cutting between them, but they are quite staggered – much more than the Road ‘Gateways’. It would be interesting to visit the Paignton Old Records Dept. to see what further information could be gleaned!


Link to: The PUDC Collection on Dartefacts.

Reference: Many thanks to Dave Hamnett for providing the original 10 figure GPS National Grid References for all of these items. Further information from Dave Brewer (2002), Dartmoor Boundary Markers, Halsgrove, pg.288 and DartmoorCAM. Steve Mason (of Dartmoor News) also offered some knowledge and assistance. Many thanks to ‘Mini-Dad’ (see No.20!!) for his assistance out in the rain and snow!

100+ Registered Users!

Wow! Just went through the 100 ‘Registered Users’ mark! What a fantastic way to end 2016!

It’s great that so many Dartmoor walkers have registered with the site and are enjoying using Dartefacts. Don’t forget that Registered Users (known hereabouts as a ‘Dartefacters’!) can tick-off Dartefacts as they are visited. Here is the list of Top Dartefacts (places visited).. looks like Nun’s Cross Farm is a popular destination!

On the 18th December I visited Crazywell Pool – the place where Dartefacts started. I wonder how many Dartefacters will visit this mysterious place in 2017? Have a great New Years everyone – and thanks for emailing me all of your items and comments this year! If you would like to join in and start Dartefacting then just click HERE.

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