Creber’s Rock and Bench Marking up Ugborough Beacon

I have been meaning to visit Creber’s Rock for years – and finally managed it today. An overcast afternoon with a very strong, biting wind up on the Beacon. I haven’t done any research on how this rock got its name – so if anyone out there has any knowledge they would like to pass on I will add it to the notes section of that Dartefact – and of course provide an acknowledgment.  I have learnt that Claret Tor is another name for this item. Today’s main task though was to follow the ascending westerly trail of Bench Marks from Peek Moor Gate all the way to the summit of Ugborough Beacon. We found 6 of the 7 Bench Marks we were looking for, which is an unusually good haul! The Bench Mark in the picture is the one on the rocks at the top of Ugborough Beacon.

Tick List ‘date visited’ ending

The ‘date visited’ aspect when ‘ticking off’ dartefacts has had to be removed. This decision has been made for technical reasons (memory issues etc.) Apologies to any of you who have spent some time adding in the dates that you visited these items. If it’s any consolation I lost all of my tick items as well as my dates trying to sort the issue! The ticking aspect will remain (of course!) and in fact has now been improved with an ‘automatic’ updating feature. So now, as soon as you tick, your personal record will update automatically. This has really sped up the ticking process and means no more forgetting to press the ‘SAVE’ button and losing all of your work for that ticking session! I’m sure that’s happened to us all at some point! We also have plans for a brand new aspect of dartefacting that I think you will all be very excited about! News to follow soon!

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Tick List Problem

Hi all Registered Users (Dartefacters). The site is currently experiencing a technical issue with the tick-list system and so a backup file might have to be used. It is suggested that you hold off ‘ticking’ any more items until this issue is resolved – as using an older backup file will wipe any ticks you record. The backup is likely to be for April 1st 2018 – so apologies if any of you have been doing some ticking-off during this period as those will be lost. I will Blog again when the situation has been resolved.

Many thanks for your understanding.


Dartmoor Goes Middle-Earth with Artist Dan Bell

The artist and illustrator Dan Bell has mapped Dartmoor in a similar ‘Middle-Earth‘ cartographic style as that created by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of ‘The Hobbit‘ and ‘The Lord of The Rings‘.

Dan set himself the task of drawing all of the National Parks in the same ‘Middle-Earth’ Tolkien style and recently completed Dartmoor. He shared his map with the ‘Dartmoor 365’ Facebook Group and it was an immediate hit! Dartmoor 365 was written by John Hayward and grids Dartmoor into 365 square miles. A square for every day of the year! Each page details one of those square miles and lists the various things to be found therein. Dartmoor abounds with Prehistoric Stone Circles, Stone Rows, Clapper Bridges, Brooding Tor summits and Boundary Stones to name just a few items. So impressed was Dan with  the concept of ‘Dartmoor 365’ that he included many of the items listed by John Hayward in his own map drawing. There are even plans to further develop this map in collaboration with the ‘Dartmoor 365’ Facebook Group to include even more special things to be found. We like to call these things ‘Dartefacts’!

The amateur cartographer has said: “I like to think the maps allow people to imagine where they live in a Tolkien style.” (BBC News, 20 January 2018).

Dan Bell’s website is: MiddleEarthMaps and he also has an Etsy Shop: MiddleEarthMaps.

You can contact Dan Bell, or purchase his Tolkien Dartmoor Map from either of those web locations, as well as view and purchase all of his maps of the National Parks to date. Dan also takes commissions – so if there is a special place maybe you can get Dan to draw it Middle-Earth style for you!