A ‘Dartefact’ or ‘Dartmoor Artefact’ can be defined as; ‘an object, site or feature found on Dartmoor, typically of cultural, historical or geological interest’. This is an ongoing, amateur (very!) historical research/ art project. Current estimate for project completion is circa 2046! Many items are researched through old books and maps and require their locations to be 'guesstimated'. Therefore some items may not be in exactly the right places on the Dartefact maps - use Dartefacts at your peril!! ;o) Only items provided with a height (in metres) have been 'physically' visited and their coordinates accurately 'fixed' by GPS. Some items may no longer exist - but are recorded anyway as it is curious to know that they were once there - and they may yet turn up! Some of these items are on private land and in that instance access must be sought from the landowner before visiting. Do not assume that a listed item is legally accessible. No responsibility for trespass, injury or damage to property or person etc. can be attributed to this project. If you would like to help please email a grid reference and description of any interesting items found on Dartmoor via the CONTACT (in Stuff, Menu Bar above) page. I also 'hang out' at the Facebook 'Dartmoor 365' Group and can be contacted there. Any errors reported will always be gratefully received. If you do help in any way your name will be listed on the 'ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS' (in Stuff, Menu Bar above) page. Viewing ALL Dartefacts like this can be incredibly slow - go to 'Dartefacts> Dartefacts Info' in the Menu Bar above and scroll down to find other faster viewing options. Happy 'Dartefacting'!!

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  • Refreshments, Facilities & Accomodation Refreshments, Facilities & Accomodation
  • PUDC (Paignton Urban District Council) Boundary Stones, Venford Reservoir, Holne Moor PUDC (Paignton Urban District Council) Boundary Stones, Venford Reservoir, Holne Moor
  • Named Tors, Hills & Outcrops (for Baggers!) Named Tors, Hills & Outcrops (for Baggers!)
  • Millstones Millstones
  • WD (War Department) Stones WD (War Department) Stones
  • Tinners' Huts Tinners' Huts
  • Cists Cists
  • Dewey Hills Dewey Hills
  • B.M. (Ordnance Survey Bench Marks) B.M. (Ordnance Survey Bench Marks)
  • Historic Sites Historic Sites
  • Stone Rows Stone Rows
  • Car Parks Car Parks
  • Twin Peaks References Twin Peaks References
  • Stone Circles (SC) Stone Circles (SC)
  • Standing Stones Standing Stones
  • Prehistoric Sites Prehistoric Sites
  • Land Features Land Features
  • Crosses Crosses
  • PCWW 1917 Markers PCWW 1917 Markers
  • Water Features Water Features
  • Dartmoor 365 Map Dartmoor 365 Map
  • Ordnance Survey Trig Stations Ordnance Survey Trig Stations
  • PCWW 1919 Markers PCWW 1919 Markers
  • PCWW 1932 Markers PCWW 1932 Markers
  • Hut Circles Hut Circles
  • Apple Crushers Apple Crushers