Capped Boreholes

These twelve items are relics of a C.19th project to create a reservoir in this valley. It was abandoned in favour of Burrator (Starkey, Exploring Dartmoor, pg172-173). The first capped borehole (No.01) is located at a height of 367 m and the last (No.12) is located at 365 m. This suggests the possible maximum height of the proposed dam and could even give an indication of the volume of water intended by following the nearest contour line by eye. This proposal was clearly much smaller in volume than Burrator. It would have left Hart Tor and Black Tor alone, but would have touched the B3212 road at the sharp corner. It would have been below Devil's Bridge, and maybe passing just below the old Hart Tor Rifle Range. It is interesting to note the curve of the borehole line main test locations - does this mean that the dam itself would have followed a curve? If so it would be the only dam on Dartmoor to do so (?). What is very interesting are the four 'extra' boreholes that seem to have been placed 'around' No.08 (i.e. Boreholes Nos. 06, 07, 09 and 10) - these are all just on the edge of the ancient settlement and their 'symmetry' was not obvious until I had plotted those points on GPS/ Dartefacts. One gets the impression that there was an issue found with test hole No.08 and so further ground investigation around it (but outside of an ancient monument/ settlement) was required? Perhaps this investigation delivered an unfavourable result and this was another reason why Burrator was chosen over this location? I would be very interested to hear from an engineer (mathematician/ hydrologist etc??) who could estimate the volume of water to be retained by a dam of this size!

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