WD (War Department) Stones

First I must say an absolutely MASSIVE THANKS to Dave Hamnett for all the work he has done in locating the WD stones and providing accurate 10 figure grid references/GPS. In 1903 the War Department marked out Willsworthy Firing Range by placing 46 granite boundary posts inscribed with the letters 'WD' (War Department) and a sequential number (1 to 46) around a section of north west Dartmoor. One of the posts (No.17) is missing and a few are now on private land (Nos. 35 & 36). Dave Hamnett has very kindly provided, via the 'Facebook: Dartmoor 365 Group' the grid references (all in 10 figures!!) for all of the 45 existing posts. He has also provided a walk suggestion of approximately 13 miles as a loop from Willsworthy Gate car park, leaving posts No.1, 2 and 3 until last, he suggests, '..it's tricky (and wet) round by 13 and 14 up to Doe Tor Common, the 35 & 36 stones are not on open access land anymore (and it's boggy there), and the 43 area is a soggy challenge. I usually add 10-20% onto these to allow for inclines and a bit of wandering / re-routing. So maybe 15-18 miles?' His contribution to this project is greatly appreciated. The walk sounds tough but would be a fantastic challenge! If anyone knows of the whereabouts of missing post No.17 - or where it was once located/ last time it was seen or even a photo (?!) then we would really like to know!!

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