Creber’s Rock and Bench Marking up Ugborough Beacon

I have been meaning to visit Creber’s Rock for years – and finally managed it today. An overcast afternoon with a very strong, biting wind up on the Beacon. I haven’t done any research on how this rock got its name – so if anyone out there has any knowledge they would like to pass on I will add it to the notes section of that Dartefact – and of course provide an acknowledgment.  I have learnt that Claret Tor is another name for this item. Today’s main task though was to follow the ascending westerly trail of Bench Marks from Peek Moor Gate all the way to the summit of Ugborough Beacon. We found 6 of the 7 Bench Marks we were looking for, which is an unusually good haul! The Bench Mark in the picture is the one on the rocks at the top of Ugborough Beacon.