D365 Armchair Orienteering

Welcome to ‘Dartmoor 365 Armchair Orienteering’ or ‘ArmchairO’, as I like to call it.

ArmchairO is an exciting new game that uses the Dartmoor 365 book by John Hayward and Dartefacts to follow a ‘virtual’ orienteering route across Dartmoor by solving puzzles and finding clues.

Once you click the ‘START‘ link below you will immediately be taken to the ‘Dartmoor 365‘ item that has been used as the starting point for this adventure. There will be a puzzle here that can only be solved by referring to John Hayward’s book (this game has been written using the first edition – I don’t have the second so if there are any issues because of this please email me: dartefacts@gmail.com). The puzzle will usually be related to the information or picture on that item’s page in the book.

If you think you have solved the puzzle then click the ‘PASSWORD‘ link. This will take you to a password protected page where you will have to type in the correct password answer to progress to the next Dartmoor 365 item page.  In Orienteering these pages would be called  ‘Controls’ – and look like little white/orange flags. Look for these ‘flags’ on the page. ALL controls will be Dartmoor 365 items!


And good luck!
Orienteering Flag Marker 15cm