Lints Tor 629 Capping Stone

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Reference: Martin Pope on FaceBook Dartmoor 365 – many thanks

Notes: Very rough location of a ‘629’ Capping Stone on path between Linits Tor and the West Okement River. Will need to go there to get correct GPS location. These capping stones were apparently used to cover the cable junctions of military telephone points between Observation Posts.

According to A.H. Clark, Lt Col (Retd), Commandant Dartmoor Training Area, Okehampton, Devon (in Dartmoor Magazine page 38, No 63, Summer 2001, Letters Page) these blocks mark precisely the buried junction points of the military range safety telephone system. The use of 629 is due to 629 Signal Works Troop, from Crownhill in Plymouth who were responsible for maintaining line communications on Dartmoor. Hence their unit number marks the concrete blocks.

There is also a small (1 foot high) post nearby to help with locating.

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