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What is ‘Dartefacting’??

gif-tinner-hutA ‘Dartefact’ or ‘Dartmoor Artefact’ can be defined as; ‘an object, site or feature found on Dartmoor, typically of cultural, historical or geological interest’. Dartefacts are hard to find – not just because they can be small, barely inscribed rocks hidden under prickly gorse but because the information as to their whereabouts is located and spread throughout a vast collection of various books, magazine articles and tricky to locate online sources and blogs! Dartmoor is rich in these ‘points of interest’ and the Dartefacts Project seeks to efficiently communicate and share this aspect of the moorland.

Dartetick no border‘Dartefacting’ is therefore the ‘game’ of finding ‘Dartefacts’ and recording/sharing your progress on this website.

In order to use the full features available on this site, and to begin ‘Dartefacting’ you will need to become a Registered User. This is a simple and free process that just requires an email address, for verification purposes only. This email will not be displayed on the site or shared with another party. Your name and details will not be asked for. The only other thing you will be asked for is to make up your own ‘User Name‘. If you value your anonymity then choose a ‘User Name’ that is suitably ambiguous – for example mine is ‘dartefact‘. Please ensure that your username just contains letters and/or numbers. Do not use any symbols such as ‘@’ or ‘!’ etc. as they cause an issue with the WordPress User Name plug-in I use. After you have Registered a short period of time will elapse before you get a confirmation email – this is because I have to look at and check all applications to assess whether they are from real people or internet ‘Robots’! I usually check daily so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. Once your Registration has been processed you will be provided with a ‘User Page’ on which you can add text of your choice to tell other Dartefacters about yourself (if you wish).

Dartetick no borderAs a Registered User you will be able to access and tick-off the complete list of Dartefacts on this site. All Registered Users have their Usernames listed on the item pages of the individual ‘Dartefacts’ they have visited. This allows ‘Dartefacters’ to record their visit and plan for the next Dartefacts to tick-off! A number of other features such as a Top DartefactsTop DartefactersDartefacting 365 Tick-List, Dartefacting 365 Tick-List (in code order)Top 365 Squares and Top 365 Dartefacters,  is also provided. This will all enable all Users (Dartefacters!) to see how other Dartefacters are exploring Dartmoor and provides an element of ‘gamification’ to the Dartmoor experience.

tick listThis is a tick. It has nothing at all to do with Tick Lists.


Registered Users have visibility access to the National Grid References of ALL Dartefacts. When the GPS download system is in place Registered Users will also have access to EVERY Dartefact as a downloadable .gpx file. But this stage in the design may take years to fully implement!

Dartmoor 365 and Dartefacting

Dartmoor 365The book ‘Dartmoor 365’ by John Hayward (1991) has proven to be very popular with Dartmoor explorers and there is an element of ‘crossover’ between ‘Dartefacting’ and ‘365’ing’. If you find a 365 item then you have also found a Dartefact! A separate list of Dartefacts that are also 365 items is provided so that 365’ers can keep track of their progress and also see how other 365’ers are doing.

Further information about 365’ing and how it relates to Dartefacts is provided HERE.

DARTMOOR 365 A1 with tickI would like to point out that the indication of ‘365’ items to find is to assist the book user and to encourage further purchases of this excellent book and does not supplant the book. The Dartefacts website does not publish the copyright information of each page – it only makes clear when a Dartefact is also a 365 item for ‘bagging’ or ‘tick-list’ purposes. In order to ‘play’ the 365 game ‘properly’ you need to know what is ‘listed’ for ‘collection’ on each page. This requires an individual to purchase their own copy of this most excellent book.

Dartmoor 365 on Facebook

facebookThere also exists an excellent ‘Dartmoor 365 Facebook Group’, very ably run by Anthony Francis-Jones, which you are encouraged to join. I look forward to seeing photos and reading tales of your 365 adventures! I hope the incorporation of the 365 element to Dartefacting/ Dartefacts will encourage further conversations and perhaps shared explorations to the lesser visited squares! Dartefacting can only be as good as the contributions from its user base.


tick listPlease note that as Dartefacts is an ongoing/ live project it may be that Dartefacts/ items are added, altered or deleted etc. as the site continues to be developed and improved. This may have an impact on the items you have ticked off. Hopefully this will be kept to a minimum but your understanding of the nature of this constantly evolving project is appreciated. The 365 Dartefacts should not be affected by these changes – they are sacrosanct!

How to help the Dartefacts Project

If you would like to help improve Dartefacts please email a grid reference and description of any interesting items found on Dartmoor via the CONTACT page. I also ‘hang out’ at the Dartmoor 365 Facebook Group and can be contacted there. Any errors reported will always be gratefully received. If you do help in any way your name will be listed on the ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS‘ page.

Happy ‘Dartefacting’, fellow ‘Dartefacters’!!

Rob/ ‘dartefact’ (June 2016)