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tick listAs a Registered User you will be able to access and tick-off the complete list of Dartefacts on this site. All Registered Users have their Usernames listed on the item pages of the individual ‘Dartefacts’ they have visited. This allows ‘Dartefacters’ to record their visit and plan for the next Dartefacts to tick-off! A number of other features such as a Top DartefactsTop DartefactersDartefacting 365 Tick-List, Top 365 Squares and Top 365 Dartefacters,  is also provided. This will all enable all Users (Dartefacters!) to see how other Dartefacters are exploring Dartmoor and provides an element of ‘gamification’ to the Dartmoor experience.

Registered Users have visibility access to the National Grid References of ALL Dartefacts. When the GPS download system is in place Registered Users will also have access to EVERY Dartefact as a downloadable .gpx file.

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After several failed attempts of my own trying to create a ‘Dartefacts’ website I finally decided I was a walker and not a website developer. So I employed the services of a Professional.

I can thoroughly recommend Simon Battersby Consulting Ltd.

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High Willhays

Dartetick no borderA ‘Dartefact’ or ‘Dartmoor Artefact’ can be defined as; ‘an object or site found on Dartmoor, typically of cultural, historical or geological interest’. This is an ongoing, amateur (very!) historical research/ art project. Current estimate for project completion is circa 2046! Many items are researched through old books and require their locations to be ‘guesstimated’. Therefore some items may not be in exactly the right places on the maps – you use Dartefacts at your peril! ;o) Only items provided with a height (in metres) have been ‘physically’ visited and their coordinates accurately ‘fixed’ by GPS. Some items may no longer exist – but are recorded anyway as it is curious to know that they were once there – and they may yet turn up! Many of these items are on private land and in that instance access must be sought from the landowner before visiting. Do not assume that a listed item is legally accessible. No responsibility for trespass, injury or damage to property etc. can be attributed to this project. If you would like to help please email a grid reference and description of any interesting items found on Dartmoor via the CONTACT page. I also ‘hang out’ at the Facebook ‘Dartmoor 365’ Group and can be contacted there. Any errors reported will always be gratefully received. If you do help in any way your name will be listed on the ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS‘ page.

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Additional Note:

This site is limited to approximately 3000 items (Dartefacts). That number is rapidly being reached (currently I have 3456 Dartefacts listed!) and so a process of filtering/ amalgamating Dartefacts is taking place. The most ‘important’ Dartefacts will remain on the site with other Dartefacts being listed as a ‘text’ item under a ‘main’ Dartefact. It is hoped to have a GPS downloads system in place relatively soon so that Registered Users can access the full ‘library’ of ALL Dartefacts .gpx data (even the ones just listed as text under the main items). It is also hoped that in the near future the number of items that this site can handle will be improved upon. Finger’s crossed for Moore’s Law!