Dartmoor 365 by John Hayward

‘Dartmoor 365’ Book Information

Dartmoor 365‘Dartmoor 365’ is a book by John Hayward (1991) that allows an exploration of every one of the 365 square miles in the Dartmoor National Park. Every page details one of these square miles and includes information and beautifully hand-drawn illustrations for the many items to be found there. A colouring grid is even provided within the book so that the ‘365’er’ can chart their progress. If you enjoy exploring Dartmoor this is the book to buy!

‘Dartmoor 365’ Dartefact Data

 Number of 365 Prehistoric Dartefacts: 22

Standing Stones(), Stone Circles (), Stone Rows (), Cermonial Complexes (), Pounds & Settlements (), Cists (), Cairns () and Burial Chambers ()

 Number of 365 Historic Dartefacts: 176

Stone Crosses (), Towns (), Villages (), Mills (), Longhouses (), Blowing Houses (), Peat Passes (), Quarries (), Manors (), House Ruins (), Places/ Crossroads (), Abbeys (), Farms (), Castles (),  Beams (), Medieval Tombs (), China Clay Industry (), Wastes (), Gates (), Letterboxes (), Dangerous Corners! (), Pounds (), Foundry (), Mines (), Tunnels (), Guide & Distance Stones (), Pits (), Tramways (), Tinners’ Huts (), Graves (), Walls (), Chapels (), Viaducts (), Museum (), Walls (), Railways (), Peatworks (), Rifle Ranges (),Country Parks (), Bankers (), Bridges (), Lanes (), Military Items (), Pubs (), Legends (), Church Houses (), Corners (),

 Number of 365 Land Dartefacts: 101

Number of 365 Water Dartefacts: 68

‘Dartmoor 365’ Photo Map Collage Project

Click this LINK to see my Dartmoor 365 Photo Map Collage Project!

‘Dartmoor 365 facebook Group’

facebookThere also exists an excellent ‘Dartmoor 365 Facebook Group‘, created and run by Anthony Francis-Jones, which you are encouraged to join. I look forward to seeing photos and reading tales of your 365 adventures!

‘Dartmoor 365’ing with Dartefacts’

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is some crossover between the Dartefacts and 365’ing activities. As such Dartefacts has had some development work to assist and complement the ‘Dartmoor 365’ hobby. It is hoped this will encourage more people to purchase this excellent book and ‘play’ the 365 game! Dartefacts does not publish the copyright information of each page – it only makes clear when a Dartefact is also a 365 item for ‘bagging’ and ‘tick-list’ purposes. In order to ‘play’ the 365 game ‘properly’ you need to know what is ‘listed’ for ‘collection’ on each page. This requires an individual to purchase their own copy of this most excellent book as this information is copyright and will not be published on this site. 

There are really no rules as to how you play the ‘365’ game (or Dartefacts). You decide what constitutes a ‘visited/ bagged’ square.

User Registration

In order to use the full features available on this site, and to begin ‘Dartefacting’ you will need to become a Registered User. This is a simple and free process that just requires an email address, for verification purposes only. This email will not be displayed on the site or shared with another party. Your name and details will not be required. You will be provided with a ‘User Page’ on which you can add images and text of your choice to tell other Dartefacters about yourself (if you wish).

Useful Dartmoor 365 Links

mapicon_0_365Register as a Dartefacter and join in!

mapicon_0_365‘Dartmoor 365’ Map: Click to view ALL 365 ‘items’ on an OS map as listed in John Hayward’s ‘Dartmoor 365’ book. Please note that these items have ALL been initially placed using the National Grid References listed in the book (only 4 or 6 figure) and so may not be overly accurate on the map. Often more than one item is ‘required’ to be visited in order to ‘tick-off’ that 365 square/page. It is therefore essential to purchase the book as this site does not explain what items are all necessary to find in order to ‘tick off’ a square. Dartefacts complements John Hayward’s ‘Dartmoor 365’ book and does not publish copyright information.


365’ing Tick-List (in code order): In order to use this feature to record and share your visits (Dartefacting 365 ‘bagging’) you will need to Register as a User (Dartefacter) HERE. Again, there are no ‘rules’ – you decide what constitutes a ‘visited/bagged’ square and whether to tick-off that square in the Dartefacts 365 List. 

mapicon_0_365365’ing Tick-List (in name order)As above but items are listed in name order.

mapicon_0_365Top 365 Squares‘: i.e. the most visited ‘Dartmoor 365’ Squares, according to the Dartefacts data!

mapicon_0_365Top 365 Dartefacters‘: i.e. Dartefacters listed in order of the number of 365 Squares they have ‘bagged’!

365 Map ClassificationAMAZON: Information on John Hayward’s brilliant ‘Dartmoor 365’ book – although I do recommend you instead purchase it from a local Dartmoor bookshop or Tourist Information site! Although this website can be useful in planning and research it is essential that the committed ‘365’er’ purchase a copy of this excellent book (and start colouring those visited squares in!!) PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE MAKES NO MONEY IF YOU PURCHASE THROUGH THIS LINK :o)

365 Map ClassificationfacebookFacebook: Dartmoor 365 Group: A wonderful place full of like-minded Dartmoor Explorers who share photos, stories and information about Dartmoor and the ‘365’ activity :o) Many thanks to Anthony Francis-Jones for creation and administration! A lot of work!

mapicon_0_365Special Gift! There is an item available that helps assist 365’er with locating the grid codes. The link to this item is HERE. You will need to Register as a User on here, join the ‘Dartmoor 365’ facebook group, friend me on  facebook and then message me on facebook asking for the password to acquire this asset.

So why not go buy the book today and get ‘colouring’, Register with Dartefacts to get ‘ticking‘ and then start sharing your adventures online with the facebook: Dartmoor 365 Group! Whoop! Whoop!

Happy Dartefacting/ 365’ing!

Rob/ dartefact (June, 2016)