Dartmoor Goes Middle-Earth with Artist Dan Bell

The artist and illustrator Dan Bell has mapped Dartmoor in a similar ‘Middle-Earth‘ cartographic style as that created by J.R.R. Tolkien, author of ‘The Hobbit‘ and ‘The Lord of The Rings‘.

Dan set himself the task of drawing all of the National Parks in the same ‘Middle-Earth’ Tolkien style and recently completed Dartmoor. He shared his map with the ‘Dartmoor 365’ Facebook Group and it was an immediate hit! Dartmoor 365 was written by John Hayward and grids Dartmoor into 365 square miles. A square for every day of the year! Each page details one of those square miles and lists the various things to be found therein. Dartmoor abounds with Prehistoric Stone Circles, Stone Rows, Clapper Bridges, Brooding Tor summits and Boundary Stones to name just a few items. So impressed was Dan with  the concept of ‘Dartmoor 365’ that he included many of the items listed by John Hayward in his own map drawing. There are even plans to further develop this map in collaboration with the ‘Dartmoor 365’ Facebook Group to include even more special things to be found. We like to call these things ‘Dartefacts’!

The amateur cartographer has said: “I like to think the maps allow people to imagine where they live in a Tolkien style.” (BBC News, 20 January 2018).

Dan Bell’s website is: MiddleEarthMaps and he also has an Etsy Shop: MiddleEarthMaps.

You can contact Dan Bell, or purchase his Tolkien Dartmoor Map from either of those web locations, as well as view and purchase all of his maps of the National Parks to date. Dan also takes commissions – so if there is a special place maybe you can get Dan to draw it Middle-Earth style for you!