An Art Gallery for artworks (in various media) produced in response to Dartmoor and the Dartefacts Project

Landscape as a subject for art is on the very threshold of absence and presence. Dartmoor, a seemingly ’empty’ moorland, is in fact haunted at almost every step by the past.

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Printmaking: Linoprints (reduction)

A series of Reduction Linoprints based on Dartmoor and the Dartefacts Project.

Drawings: Ink

Ink Drawings taken from my Moleskine Sketchbooks.

Paintings: iPad/ digital

Digital paintings using my own photographs, an iPad pro, Apple Pencil and the Procreate App.

Sketching Clubs: The Plymouth Urban Sketching Club, The Dartmoor Wild Sketching Club & The Austrian Sketching Club

Three small clubs with a membership of one. Regular ‘sketching’ meets in Plymouth, Dartmoor and Austria.

Pixel Art: “Darticons” for Dartefact Classifications.. ..and my ‘Twin Peaks’ obsession!


Small, 50 x 50 Pixel Graphics drawn/painted on an iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil and the Pixaki and Dottable Pixel Art Editor Apps. I am also now using Photoshop. These little images are used on Dartefacts as a visual icon for classifications – I call them ‘Darticons’. The ones displayed here are all Twin Peaks related.. ‘Evil Cooper’, ‘Dr. Jacoby’, ‘Special Agent Dale Cooper’, ‘The Red Room’, ‘Damn fine coffee, and hot!’, ‘The Log’ and the ‘Twin Peaks Logo’.

Photography: Dartmoor Landscapes

A small selection of images from the Dartefacts Photography Files, grouped into the major Dartefact Classifications:

Prehistoric Dartefacts:


Historic Dartefacts:


Land Dartefacts:


Water Dartefacts: