B.M. 1483.7, S face (445 m)

Notes: Very surprised to find this one. I had walked Northwards for 5 metres from the original SideBySide grid reference and found some moss covering a possible rock. Thinking this was too early (my SideBySide grid refs are usually about 11-17m out) I carried on walking until 17m. Finding nothing of interest after sweeping around at that distance I made my way back to the original fix, still looking. I got back to the 5m point and thought I would just quickly check that mossy area. Pushing the moss carefully aside I immediately found a flat granite rock below. This looked promising so I lifted up the moss further – and suddenly there was a ‘mint’ Bench Mark facing me! Quite stunned to have found it I whooped for joy! Almost immediately the area filled with cold, muddy water. I couldn’t hold back the water for a clean photo so will have to return in dryer times. I suspect this one hasn’t been visited for quite a long time given the amount of mossy growth over the top of it. Plus the B.M. itself was in excellent condition.

As you can see from the photo above, the area is tussocky, featureless and it is usually almost impossible to locate a B.M. ‘hidden’ under growth such as this. I was extremely lucky to ‘stumble’ upon it!