B.M. 1373.7, North Facing

Not on sidebyside


I took this GPS location by eyeballing on sidebyside.. the old 1913 map and the satellite image on sidebyside are quite out of alignment with one another.. but I reckon it could be one of those two rocks next to the gully (leat?) abut 40m away from the fence corner.

Huccaby Races, Horse Measure

Notes: Steve Grigg provides the following details: This rather incongruous slab of concrete (approx 0.9m x 2.5m) is a platform on which the horses from the Huccaby Races (late 19th century / early 20th century) were accurately measured. As described on the Legendary Dartmoor website: “When pitting horse against horse in a race it is vital that all the competitors are of an equal measure to ensure fair play and for this a level base was needed“.

Reference: Steve Grigg, who also kindly supplied Dartefacts with the NGR.

Max Note: Classified under ‘Misc. Stones’ until I can work out what it should go under!

Swincombe Farm Rocks

Reference: Steve Grigg pointed out these rocks that he described as a “mini tor” above Upper Swincombe Farm.