Send Me Your Photos!!

I have had a number of emails asking if people can have their photos of ‘Dartefacts’ displayed on the site pages. I have given this very careful consideration and have now decided to allow Registered Users to email in their ‘Dartefact’ photos for possible publishing as ‘Featured Images’ on Dartefact item pages. Only the very best images will be used, so I will be very selective. There will be some post-processing done to the images to make them suitable for fast web-page uploading as well as colour correction/ sharpening etc.

For example:



(Image of Venton Chapel Cross kindly supplied by Dave Hamnett).

I have made this decision as I have come to realise what a huge undertaking this project is and I would rather have as many items with accompanying images as possible – rather than wait until I get to visit them myself. Additionally the admin time of processing my RAW images, uploading, editing etc. is proving so time consuming I am not providing as many Dartefacts with images as I would wish. Also the Dartmoor areas of the North, North East and East – areas that I visit less often as they are further away from sunny Plymouth – are not getting the attention they fully deserve!

All images will be acknowledged, by naming the Registered User who has supplied the image(s), so this gives Users an opportunity to contribute towards this valuable ‘historical’ project!

Please view the ‘Venton Chapel Cross‘ Dartefact Page (image kindly supplied by Dave Hamnett) to see an example of how a supplied image will be displayed and acknowledged.  In the example on this page I reduced the file size down from 1.8MB to 200 KB (much faster page loading times) and reduced the image size down to my standard 1000px for PC screens. I hope you can see that the image retains a surprising amount of quality and is even enhanced in brightness/ clarity as a result of this work.

At some point those images supplied/ chosen may be supplanted by my own – although they will probably then be moved to the ‘main’ page and so still displayed, although no longer as top ‘Featured Images’.

I will need an email to confirm that if you supply an image then you are ‘agreeing to allow all images provided to be displayed with full permission granted in perpetuity’. Please also be aware that with time constraints it may take me a while to choose and display any images you provide and if I have a lot of images sent in I will probably be unable to acknowledge receipt of your email/ images.

Example of email permission (to copy > paste):

‘I agree to allow all images and text etc. provided to be displayed with full permission granted in perpetuity’.

I look forward to receiving and displaying your Dartefact images!

Best wishes,