SX View Map Options

49 No Dartefacts here yet!59 Meldon Reservoir69 Cosdon Hill79 Castle Drogo89 No Dartefacts here yet!
48 Brentor
58 Fur Tor

47 x 365 items
68 Fernworthy

37 x 365 items
78 Moretonhampstead88 Christow
47 Tavistock57 Princetown
67 Dartmeet77 Widecombe 87 Bovey Tracey
46 Buckland Monachorum56 Burrator
66 Avon Dam Reservoir76 Buckfastleigh
86 No Dartefacts here yet!
45 Barbican B.M.s!55 Sparkwell65 Ugborough Beacon75 No Dartefacts here yet!85 No Dartefacts here yet!

There is also the option to view Dartefacts using the Dartefacts Classification System.

As this site has grown it has become clear that the Home Page ‘drop down menu’ system has become difficult to use. So, the following (still under construction!) page provides options to display Dartefacts using Ordnance Survey National Grid Squares.

As slower devices/ internet connections may restrict your ability to easily view all 3542 Dartefacts you are provided with a range of viewing area options.

Click on either a grid box, a grid number or text below to display the Ordnance Survey National Grid Square of your choice.

SX Grids_ExampleThe ‘SX’ grid is an Ordnance Survey devised large map ‘square’ and is the area in which Dartmoor (and a good chunk of the South West!) resides. The ‘Dartefacts Project’ uses a 2500 Km² ‘SX’ area that is comprised of 25 x 100 Km² squares.

In the first instance the following short cut might be useful.. Although some squares now contain a large number of Dartefacts (which might run quite slow on your viewing device) and so you might want to select a smaller geographical square.. (see further options below..)

49 | 59 | 69 | 79 | 89

48 | 58 | 68 | 78 | 88

47 | 57 | 67 | 77 | 87

46 | 56 | 66 | 76 | 86

45 | 55 | 65 | 75 | 85

To list the ‘Dartefacts’ within a specific map square/ area first select (either click the grid or the text) the required page (viewing area) option (either 100, 400, 900 or 2500 Km²) – also see below..

SX Grids_Example_100 Km2

100 Km² The smallest area displayed with no overlap but good performance for slower devices/ internet connections etc. Each of the 25 options shows 1 of the 25 squares – or use the short cut provided above.

SX Grids_Example_400 Km2

400 Km² Each of the 16 options show about a sixth of the Dartmoor area at a time with some overlap. Each of the 16 options shows 4 of the 25 squares.

SX Grids_Example_900 Km2

900 Km² 9 large areas displayed, with lots of overlap between adjacent areas but possibly quite slow performance. Each of the 9 options shows 9 of the 25 squares.

SX Grids_Example_2500 Km2

2500 Km² This will show ALL Dartefacts but is likely to be very slow on anything other than a very fast device with a very fast internet connection! If there are any performance issues it is suggested you use Dartefacts at a smaller viewing option (see faster options above) or use the Dartefacts Classifications System.