Tick List ‘date visited’ ending

The ‘date visited’ aspect when ‘ticking off’ dartefacts has had to be removed. This decision has been made for technical reasons (memory issues etc.) Apologies to any of you who have spent some time adding in the dates that you visited these items. If it’s any consolation I lost all of my tick items as well as my dates trying to sort the issue! The ticking aspect will remain (of course!) and in fact has now been improved with an ‘automatic’ updating feature. So now, as soon as you tick, your personal record will update automatically. This has really sped up the ticking process and means no more forgetting to press the ‘SAVE’ button and losing all of your work for that ticking session! I’m sure that’s happened to us all at some point! We also have plans for a brand new aspect of dartefacting that I think you will all be very excited about! News to follow soon!

Best wishes,