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Prehistoric Sites


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 Standing Stones   Hut Circles

Historic Sites


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stone-troughs Abandoned Stone Troughs   cafes Cafes and Tea Shops   pubs Pubs     PCWW 1917  PCWW 1919  PCWW 1932   PCWW Metal Posts   Dartefacts of Death  Post Offices  Ice Cream Kiosks  Car Parks  OS Trig Posts  Dartmoor Preservation Association Posts  Tavistock Rural District Council Posts  War Department Posts    Crosses  Tinners’ Huts

Land Features


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Further Land Features Sub-Classifications

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img_0189 Named Tors and Hills (for Baggers!)

Water Features


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Further Water Features Sub-Classifications

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ALL Dartefacts!


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Dartmoor 365 Dartefacts

Dartmoor 365

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Twin Peaks Darticons: Things both Wonderful and Strange

 The Red Room  The Log  Dr. Jacoby  Doppelganger Cooper  Special Agent Dale Cooper   “You know, this is – excuse me – a damn fine cup of coffee.” 

Slower devices/ internet connections may restrict your ability to easily view all 3299 Dartefacts so you are provided with a range of classification viewing options (above). As this site has grown it has become clear that the Home Page ‘drop down menu’ system has become rather long in some Classifications to use easily. ‘Zooming out’ (Ctrl + mouse scroll button) can help but an alternative has been found! This (still under construction!) page provides options to select and display Dartefacts using the Dartefacts’ Classification System. Classifications can also be selected using their ‘Darticons’ (Dartefact-icons!) This too is being (slowly!) developed!

There is also the option to view Dartefacts using the Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference System.