The Venford Reservoir PUDC/ RDH Boundary Stone Walk (5.6 miles)

Grade:Moderate Medium, 9 km / 5.6 miles, 50 m total ascent

This walk does not enter any of the Military Firing Ranges.



Start/ Finish: Venford Reservoir West Car Park (SX 685 712)     Walk Format: Single Day Circular

Walk Theme: Boundary

This walk ‘collects’ the 52 Paignton and Urban District Council (PUDC) Water Works Boundary Marker Stones of Venford Reservoir. They are inscribed PUDC on one side and RD/H on the other. RD/H stands for ‘Richard Dawson, Holne’, from whom Paignton Water Works purchased 700 acres of Holne Moor, paying £11 per acre. The reservoir was constructed in 1907 to supply water to the Paignton areas. The Engineer was Fred William Vanstone and the Contractors were Hawking & Best, Teignmouth. The Reservoir was opened by F. Layland-Barratt Esq. M.P. on June 26th 1907. It was a Wednesday.


This walk…

Route Card:

1. Venford Car Park2. Boundary Stones Nos.1-73. Boundary Stones Nos.7-114. Boundary Stones Nos.11-165. Boundary Stones Nos.16-22
6. Boundary Stones Nos.22-317. Boundary Stones Nos.31-368. Boundary Stones Nos.36-439. Boundary Stones Nos.43-4810. Boundary Stones Nos.48-51
11. Boundary Stone No.5212. Venford Car Park


Blog article describing my ‘PUDC Adventure’ – coming soon!!

GPX Track Download:

Venford Reservoir PUDC/RDH Boundary Stone GPX Track (not yet available).

Reference: Many thanks to Dave Hamnett for providing the original grid references for all of the Venford Reservoir PUDC/RDH Guide Stones.

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