Mystery on Kestor Rock!

Hi all Dartmoor Explorers! A really interesting mystery here from Emma Cunis (of Dartmoor’s Daughter).

Whilst out walking on Dartmoor Emma found an intriguing inscription on the summit of Kestor Rock. It is a small carved inscription ‘XI’ (Roman Numerals?) with a small drilled hole underneath. It has been suggested that it might be an early Ordnance Survey benchmark and that the hole is there for the central position of the theodolite used to survey the triangulation to other known high points. I am uncertain about the bench mark theory but there was certainly once an Ordnance Survey Triangulation Pillar on top of Kestor.

XI inscription (Roman Numerals?) and hole on Kestor Rock (Dartefact Item Link)

Any thoughts on this mystery anyone? I have yet to visit and the location is only a 6-figure estimate at present, but I have never seen this item before despite standing on the summit of Kestor Rock many times!

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Many thanks to Emma for supplying this information to Dartefacts.

Image above kindly supplied by Emma Cunis (Dartmoor’s Daughter).