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Dartefacts costs 💰 to maintain. Would you like your Dartmoor business to sponsor Dartefacts? If so you can have an image, text and hyperlink to your website in this Home Page Box for a month (or more!). Dartefacts has almost 2000 Registered Users (and that count increases daily) and there are many, many more casual users (locals and tourists) who regularly visit this site to plan their walks and visits and to research things they would like to visit on their Dartmoor walks.

Social Media groups (on Facebook, Twitter etc.) frequently post links to Dartefacts when discussing Dartmoor as this site allows everyone to immediately know about the item, location etc. under discussion. According to Google Analytics a lot of browsing ‘traffic’ for Dartefacts comes through these Dartmoor related social media groups.. so advertising on Dartefacts will bring you to the attention of relevant customers on these major social media platforms.

Are you a cafe, pub, hotel, taxi company, brewery, shop, stables, farm.. etc. ..??? If so…
Contact Dartefacts today if interested in sponsoring a popular outdoor website whilst simultaneously boosting your own local business and brand.

Note: This advertising feature is available to Dartmoor Businesses Only.

Further options such as:

Your own business page on Dartefacts, that would include a specially designed icon on the map – with a clickable hyper-link to your page!

Your logo at the top of every page (as part of the image “Header”) is a possibility that can also be discussed.

There is even the possibility of a Dartmoor walk being created that passes by your business and is added to the available “DarteWalks” pages. The DarteWalks option is quite time-consuming to create so would need further consultation but would be a great option for pubs and cafes etc. or a Hotel or B&B that want to give their guests country walking ideas..

Dartefacts (Dartmoor’s Artefacts) has become the ‘go to website’ for finding out about Dartmoor’s many ‘artefacts’. These items add value and richness to a Dartmoor walk and the Dartefacts website allows people to easily locate these fascinating items of geological and historical interest. Your Dartmoor business can gain valuable customer exposure by advertising on the Home Page of Dartefacts.