This page is for all those Registered Users who like to tick-off items that they have visited and ‘Bag ’em’! Bagging on Dartefacts has three flavours; Dartefacting, Square Bagging and Dartmoor 365.


Dartefacting can be defined as; “the activity of searching for an object or site found on Dartmoor, typically of cultural, historical, cartographical or geological interest”.

  • Dartefact Tick List: A useful (but long) list for ticking off Dartefacts without having to go to every item page.
  • Top Dartefacts: The most visited Dartefacts (according to the website data).
  • Top Dartefacters: Registered Users listed in order of the number of Dartefacts they have ‘bagged’.
  • By Classification: Bag by using the Dartefacts Classification Icons (Darticons).
  • Classification Tick List: There is an option on every Classification Page to use the ‘Classification Tick List’. This will take you to a page that lists all of the Dartefacts in that Classifcation for easy ‘ticking’. There is also a ‘Bulk Ticking‘ option on the Classification Pages which allows a User to tick off an entire classification group in one go (or remove all ticks if required). Be careful with this option as it could obviously ruin a lot of hard ticking work!!


Square Bagging is all about visiting every one of Dartmoor’s 1044 Ordnance Survey Squares. They are the 1km blue squares on all OS maps. On Dartefacts we also use the Squares as an easy way to navigate and ‘jump’ around the maps.

Further Information on Square Bagging.

Acknowledgements: Peter and Karin Brooks (who have previously supplied images and data to the Dartefacts site) had started ‘Square Bagging’ and suggested to me that it would be great to have that feature on Dartefacts. I thought it was a brilliant idea and so here it is! Peter has also provided many suggestions for this new feature as well as using his considerable Excel Spreadsheet etc. skills to make this all possible. I owe a huge thanks to both Peter and Karin.

I also owe a huge thanks to Simon Battersby of Simon Battersby Consulting Ltd for all his hard work in realising the ‘Square Bagging’ idea. If you need a website I can thoroughly recommend Simon.


The book ‘Dartmoor 365’, written by John Hayward (1991) divides Dartmoor National Park into 365 square miles and every page contains one of these squares with information about what may be found there.

  • Dartmoor 365 Map
  • 365 Tick-List (in code order)
  • 365 Tick-List (in name order)
  • Top 365 Squares: The most visited ‘Dartmoor 365’ Squares – (according to the website data).
  • Top 365 Dartefacters: Registered Users listed in order of the number of 365 Squares they have ‘bagged’.
  • Facebook: Dartmoor 365 Group: A Facebook group, set up and run by Anthony Francis-Jones, where Dartmoor Explorers share photos, stories and information about their Dartmoor 365 adventures. It’s a really friendly Facebook group, very well run by AFJ, and they usually gather every summer at Two Bridges for a cream tea and walk. The rule is: ‘Always type the square(s) visited at the beginning of every Post’.


Classification Bagging:

Bagging specific Classifications of Dartefacts is quite popular. Personally I’m working my way through “Tinners’ Huts”. My father and I are jointly working our way through B.M.s (Ordnance Survey Bench Marks).

DarteWalk Bagging:

Another way of bagging can be by following the listed DarteWalks as all walks allow the collection of a number of Squares and Dartefacts and usually a few 365 items as well.