County Bridge Stones

County Bridge Stones were set up c.1800s by each county council roughly 80 metres either side of a bridge, denoting the distance that the county council was responsible for maintaining. These stones, almost always referred to as 'C Stones', are often quite small and can be buried in hedges. All Dartmoor examples, to our knowledge, are inscribed 'C' but a few others in the county are 'CB'. Dartefacts maintains records for Dartmoor C Stones, and we are always pleased to add new finds to the list.

Because Devon is largely rural, many still exist but a lot of bridges have just one, if any, still remaining. The only remaining pairs on Dartmoor are at: Ward Bridge, Glazebrook Bridge, Holne Bridge, Horrabridge, Huckworthy Bridge, Piall Bridge, Langham Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Wisdome Bridge, Shipley Bridge, Hexworthy Bridge, Bellever Bridge, and Ponsworthy Bridge (MP).

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