The Dartmoor map below geographically locates the main named item for each of the '365' pages of John Hayward's book 'Dartmoor 365' (1991). Please note that you will require to purchase the book to properly locate all the additional items listed on each page - this site does not provide the actual content of the individual pages which are of a published and therefore copyright book. Please see the 'Bonus Dartmoor 365 Squares' classification for those 'bonus squares'! There are two, B18 Crockernwell and P1 Double Waters. These items also show the D365 Mapicon and Darticon. The Dartmoor 365 items are also used in a game called 'ArmchairO' - an exciting online version of Orienteering that combines Dartmoor 365 with Dartefacts to make an orienteering puzzle game. A copy of the Dartmoor 365 book is required to play this exciting, new game. Since the original publication of the book in 1991, two more editions have been published by Rob Hayward (son of John Hayward); more information can be sought on the Dartmoor 365 website.

Extra "Dartmoor 365" Data Lists and Information:

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