Laira Bridge to Yealm Bridge B.M.s

'The Plymstock Project' is a small side project undertaken whilst in Lockdown during Coronavirus 2020.  I thought I would use the time available during this period to upload my collection of 'local' older photos and GPS data from the hard drive. I had previously gathered every B.M. GPS location from SideBySide for the area between Laira Bridge (river Plym) and Yealm Bridge (river Yealm), bordered by those rivers, the coast and the A379. Before Lockdown I had previously spent my non-Dartmoor walking time walking, drawing, painting and exploring my ‘home’ area searching for these B.M.s. and this seemed the right time to add this data. What started as a survey of 'Plymstock' rapidly expanded and a limit had to be set. I chose the rivers of Plym and Yealm as the 'boundaries' of my survey. Not  many B.M.s remain as this is an area that has experienced considerable suburban development and even the rural areas have lost roads, had old roads widened and had barns and farm buildings torn down. In many cases B.M.s are on private land or in thick impenetrable brambles - or both! I also found that it was crucial to have a copy of the Sidebyside map locations with me as these B.M. items are in such specific locations without that information I could easily waste a lot of time. If I’m honest I found this project, by the end, quite depressing as so many have been lost! However, where any B.M.s did surface it was therefore quite special to make those few but significant discoveries. A couple of B.M.s were only located by pulling back moss or thick weeds etc. and so I knew that I was the first person in a very long time to see them. Some places might require a revisit with gardening tools for the B.M.s to be found! I have used a slightly different 'icon' system to the usual Dartmoor Dartefacts one for these:   A red Darticon or Mapicon means that the B.M. location has been visited but that it has not been located. An orange Darticon or Mapicon means that the B.M. locations has not yet been visited.   A green Darticon or Mapicon means that the B.M. location has been visited and it has been located. I used various maps on Sidebyside to acquire the initial ten figure grid references for my GPS.

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