A great description about millstones comes from Tim Jenkinson (2001) who writes: "Historically millstones have been used for a variety of purposes. They were valuable tools, for example, in the production of cider and tin, and were necessary for the processing of grain, serving a predominantly crushing or grinding function." And in the same work: "Opportunities to create these stones would have arisen for the many men who worked the moor and upon their completion would have been removed in carts to be sold elsewhere. Those stones containing flaws or proving too difficult to shape would have been discarded as worthless and unknowingly left for future generations to discover." Reference: Tim Jenkinson: Dartmoor Magazine Issue 62 Spring 2001: Abandoned Stone Artefacts of Wacka Tor and Red Brook. As can be seen on the Dartefacts map, many of these millstones can be found on the northern rim of the moor as well as in the vicinity of Wacka Tor and Brent Fore Hill.

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