Nancy Holt Trail Markers

Nancy Holt Dartmoor Trail Marker Photos (Aug-Sept 1969) Images were ‘borrowed’ from the Holt/Smithson Foundation Trail Markers Photo Carousel on Website in order to initially locate the rocks but have not been published on this website. None of the original photos have been published. Light and Language Exhibition 28 Mar - 10 Oct, 2021 ( NOTES: The route is described walking southwards from Wistman’s Wood to Two Bridges (as taken by Nancy and Bob in Nancy’s colour photos). The Trail Markers are shown in the actual order the locations will be encountered - not the order Nancy Holt arranged her artwork in. In many places the 1969 path no longer exists and is now overgrown by tall grass, gorse and ferns, making locating a few of these items quite challenging. A new, alternative path to Wistman’s Wood has since been established lower down in the valley. It does not use trail marker dots. ‘SX xxxxx xxxxx’ refers to the exact (within 1 metre) location of the dot using ten figure Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference. Some of the items have been given nicknames by me to help when discussing them out in the field! ‘Website carousel’ refers to the Holt/Smithson ‘Dartmoor Trail Markers’ page that displays Nancy’s Trail Marker Photos. None of the original photos have been published on my website. MY PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN: Sept 2021 Robert Naylor photos after Nancy Holt. Taken over two visits in the company of his Dad and one solo visit.

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