Prehistoric Ceremonial Sites

'Prehistoric Sites' in Dartefacts includes any sites of the 'prehistoric period' and includes Iron Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic etc. periods. The majority of these items have already been researched in considerable detail and are available for further viewing at Dave Parks' excellent site 'Prehistoric Dartmoor Walks' (PDW). Dave Parks has kindly allowed Dartefacts to use his research location data to site Prehistoric items on the maps and to use his terminology in naming these items. The PDW site is incredibly detailed, the research is meticulous and the referencing to various sources is simply staggering. Also available on the site is a viewing map and some additional information for 'Dartmoor 365'ers'. The Dartmoor 365 grid square provided for each 365 'item' in PDW is an excellent idea and really helps to see what part of an Ordnance Survey Map is covered within each of John Hayward's 365, One-Mile Squares! Also used was Bill Radcliffe's excellent 'Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor' (PMD). Links to both the PDW and PMD sites are available in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.

'Dartmoor 365' has 22 Prehistoric items.

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