River Heads

   For most river heads, I have consulted Eric Hemery's brilliant book 'High Dartmoor (1983) since he provides detailed coverage of those on the high moor and even provides some maps. NGRs for all of these are estimated until they are visited since some rivers may start further up when there has been heavy rainfall but, in summer, may have dried up and begin further downstream. River heads on the North Moor are often quite dramatic, being huge peat banks resembling large ditches amid an otherwise rather flat, gentle slope. There is something really satisfying about visiting the head of a watercourse; being able to visit the beginning of a river that has shaped Devon's development is really special. Side by Side maps have also been used to obtain 10-figure NGRs. None of the names given are set in stone; as with all Dartefacts some may very well change!

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