Rivers, Brooks, Streams, Waters and Lakes

This classification covers all named Dartmoor river heads and foots (or feet). These are usually paired together by name with a head and a foot for each, but if a named watercourse is a 365 item and a mid-point, this will remain separate. On Dartmoor, watercourses have various names, and while river, brook and stream are commonly used elsewhere, 'water' and 'lake' are not. A 'water' is just a Dartmoory name for a stream, as is 'lake'. Hemery (1983) says of the latter in High Dartmoor: "Visitors to Dartmoor are often puzzled to find this term applied to running water than standing water. I believe its use to indicate a stream of which the source was once a small lake or tarn, just as originally it indicated the source itself, for in almost every instance the physical character of the water-head is suggestive of a lake-bed. These, one and all, have been drained by the medieval tinners during their streaming operations."

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