Reference: Many thanks to Dave Hamnett for providing Dartefacts with the original NGRs for this classification, based on the work of Dave Brewer; 'Tavistock to Ashburton Packhorse Track - and its Guide Stones'. 'The posts were initially placed in the early 1700s, after an act of parliament in 1696 which empowered justices to erect guide stones where required across the moor.  So before Yellowmeade Farm was built (1860s) and Foggintor, much of Princetown etc. Such stones marked the Truro - Exeter 'Kings Road' via Tavistock, and the Plymouth - Exeter road via Two Bridges, but the stones from there were lost when the turnpike was built when Princetown was being expanded early 19th C. The track itself starts at Great Bridge (now Abbey Bridge) in Tavistock, up to Whitchurch Cross, Pixies Cross and Warrens Cross then past Moortown to Windypost, across the Beckabrook at the ford and onto Merrivale.  Then over to what has become Yellomeade enclosures and the south flank of North Hessary to Princetown.  Then by Castle Lane past Tor Royal and along the now Conchies Road to Swincombe, Hexworthy and Holne via (pack)saddle bridge, down to Hone Bridge and along the lanes to Ashburton, finishing at Great Bridge.' (Dave Hamnett, April, 2017).

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