Tors, Hills and Outcrops

Tor Bagging is a popular hobby among many Dartmoor walkers. To assist this endeavour Dartefacts provides a list of named tors, hills and rocky outcrops. What actually constitutes a tor is a much-argued topic - but if it's a named outcrop, tor or hill then it gets listed! If it doesn't have a name, but it looks like a 'tor' then I may give it a name! These items have been drawn from a variety of literature, maps and online sources. Many 'new' tors are currently being identified and named on the Tors of Dartmoor database and thus this list will no doubt continue to expand!

Some huge tors, such as East Mill Tor, have been separated into two or more Dartefact items to encourage the visitor to explore the main outcrops, but officially it is all just one tor. Another example is Lower Leather Tor that has three prominent stacks each worthy of an individual Dartefact page. Every rock feature noted on Tors of Dartmoor has finally been added and, as of February 2024, the database (or this classification anyway) is up to date. Please note that a few listed rock features on Tors of Dartmoor, such as Mount Ararat and Broadstone, are not tors and are therefore listed on Dartefacts in another classification.

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