Letterboxing Clue Page

This Dartefacts’ Letterbox Clue Page will be fully available to paid subscription members on Subscription Launch Day: Monday April 1st 2024.

This page will contain location clues for the 10 Dartefacts’ Letterbox Stamps hidden out on the moors.

Each letterbox stamp has a letter to spell out D A R T E F A C T S and each stamp relates to a classification item.

D = Dartmoor 365 – for the popular book activity and Facebook group

A = Apple Crusher

R = Reservoirs

T = Tethering Rings

E = Ex Trig Points

F = Firing Range Huts

A = Abandoned Worked Granite – Stone Troughs, Manga Farm Stone Trough

C = Crosses, Widgery Cross

T = Tors, Lints Tor

S = Standing Stones,

The stamps have not yet been hidden out on the moors.

Code of Conduct:

The stamps will not be placed in the immediate vicinity of any archeologically sensitive items or areas and will adhere to DNPA bylaws and Letterboxing guidance: