B.M. 1320.8, FNW (404 m)

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Rob Naylor: Monday 13th March 2023 – Finally found this one!! Howling gale and buckets of water being thrown at me but perseverance today paid off! I think I’ve only looked for this one once before and remembered it being in an area of many rocks to check. Just below Cramber Tor it’s a bit of a trudge to get to so not looked for it since that first time (quite a few years ago now). Not an easy area to check as lots of possible rocks needed reinspecting. After no success on the easy exposed stuff, I turned to using tools to clear vegetation and pull back turf on a larger rock that looked a good possible candidate. And indeed it was! A beautifully cut B.M. that won’t have seen the light of day for many, many years. The large toupee of heather, grass and soil covering it was 3-4 inches thick in places. The B.M. is on the flat top of the rock. As always I never resort to using tools on vegetation until I’ve explored and ruled out every exposed rock and then try to work on the best candidates first. The heather, grass and soil toupee was flipped back again on top of the rock so the B.M. is no longer exposed and has been returned to its hidden state for others to find.

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