Devonport Leat (365, O9, pg266)

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Notes: Devonport Leat from its source(s) to Burrator Reservoir:

”The entire route is much longer but as it approaches Plymouth it becomes dry and lost amid housing developments. The leat has two sources: the Cowsic head weir and the West Dart head weir. Both of these converge near Beardown Farm with the West Dart branch reaching the Cowsic branch at M8 Leat Meet through a pipe. The leat runs through private enclosures (Prison Land) where it goes over the Blackabrook on an aqueduct before flowing around Bachelor’s Hall and south towards Peat Cot and above Whiteworks. It then enters a tunnel under Nun’s Cross before reappearing and heading above Drivage Bottom and Crazywell Pool. It drops down Raddick Hill, crosses the Iron Bridge, receives from water from the Meavy/Hart Tor Brook and flows through Stanlake Plantation. It rapidly descends more past Cross Gate and empties into Burrator Reservoir via a dramatic waterfall, with the remainder going to Dousland. The leat course below this runs dry through private gardens in Dousland, through Yelverton and over Roborough Down around Yelverton Golf Course. Plymouth Leat, aka Drake’s Leat, started within what is now Burrator Reservoir and is now a totally dry course (apart from when we get heavy rain) and largely runs parallel to the Devonport Leat.”

Acknowledgement: Max ‘Walking Encyclopaedia’ Piper on Facebook.

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