Double Waters (Bonus 365 Square) (365, P1, pg0)

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This is a Bonus Square, P1; it does not feature in the book. This section of the National Park was added after John Hayward’s book ‘Dartmoor 365’ was published in 1991.

A ‘bonus square’ is a square that does not feature in the Dartmoor 365 book (by John Hayward) but is within the Dartmoor National Park (NP). The NP prior to the book’s publication was 365 square miles (adding Parke as the 366th for a leap year!), but it expanded sometime after to encompass two additional square miles totalling 368, the number referenced by DNPA. To facilitate the new area (whilst sticking with the theme of the book), two new squares had to be included, and those which are generally accepted to be the two on the Facebook group (see acknowledgements) are P1 Double Waters and B18 Crockernwell. It should be noted that the NP boundary is not straight and therefore some of the squares in the book include land outside of the NP, and there are also still pockets that aren’t included, such as Shaptor Wood and Cheriton Bishop, which while a part of the NP are not referenced. These features are often associated with their nearest square or simply the square they would be found in – but just because they aren’t ‘official’ squares doesn’t mean you can’t tick them off on Dartefacts.

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