Hall Farm (365, W10, pg369)

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This is a placeholder. This is actually King’s Barn, in the same square but a couple of fields away from Hall Farm.

Hall Farm is where the founder of the Woodland Trust, Kenneth Watkins, once lived, “and is where he brought to life his vision to protect and restore nature. Five decades later, that vision is still at the heart of what we do as the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity.

The picturesque farm estate is on the fringe of Dartmoor at Harford and is made up of Gorage Waste, Hall Plantation, King’s Wood and Hall Farm. There’s a rich mix of habitats including ancient and veteran trees, mature hedgerows, and ancient woodland with temperate rainforest species.

Today, our work at Hall Farm is more exciting and ambitious than ever. We plan to continue the conservation work that Ken started, integrating woods and trees within a regenerative farming system. And we’ve recently acquired an area of parkland pasture which was part of the farm which means we can expand tree and hedgerow cover on the estate.

Woodland Trust: Hall Farm Estate

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