Haytor Iron Mine Entrance

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According to mindat.org; “Developed opencast and by an inclined adit before 1828. A later adit was driven from the bottom of the valley about 200 yards east of the hotel. Last actively worked 1916-21.”

“The mine was developed on 3 parallel ‘flat’ lodes which dip at an angle of approximately 30deg to the south-east. The main lode currently accessible has been stoped away to form one huge cavern 6 to 20 feet in height and around 200 feet deep and 200feet wide along the strike of the lode. This ends in the lake shown in the photos. The other lodes lie 1 above and 1 below this, separated in places by as little as 4 feet of roof or floor from main lode. In a side adit off main lode there are 2 ore chutes from the lode above. The floor of the stope is comprised of rubble, a mix of killas country rock and magnetite bearing iron ore. The magnetite crystals range from microscopic to about 3mm along the edge.”

Reference: mindat.org: Haytor Mine

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