Iron Bands Clapper (382 m)

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Crossing (1912, p.240) calls this ‘Teign Clapper’, explaining that: “Immediately below the confluence is Teign Clapper, which replaces one known more than 200 years ago by that name, and which was swept away by a great flood in 1826.

Strangely, and confusingly, called ‘Teign-e-ver’ on old maps, with the larger clapper upstream not being labelled? See National Library of Scotland. Hemery says that the twin fords upstream are known as ‘Teign-e-ver’, a corruption of ‘Teign-a-ford’.

Where is Teign-e-ver? Is it here as old maps indicate or upstream at the larger bridge at the twin fords that Hemery calls Teign-e-ver?

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