Row of Stones, near Little Tor

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Notes: Noted by Max Piper on 22/03/20 as a ‘possible stone row’ on the Dartmoor Information Exchange Facebook Group, Steve Granger on 12/05/20 noted another row and, thanks to Andy Crabb and Dave Parks’ excellent research, some interesting information has been revealed. PastScape suggests that it is either of prehistoric origin or is something to do with the military, the latter perhaps being a bit more believable given the curve in the stone on a rather steep hill in comparison to other stone rows on Dartmoor. Heritage Gateway and Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor agree with PastScape that it could be either, the latter describing it as a “Double row, 250m long, between 5878 9077 and 5901 9069, separation 9m, 9m between the stones, which are 0.5m long in direction of row. 35 survive. There are two right-angled bends, and it is possibly a military structure. Possible hut circle 7.5m dia at 5889 9073.” However, The Stone Rows of Great Britain lists it as an unlikely candidate for a Prehistoric Stone Row. Sandy Gerrard suspects, along with many, that it is of Victorian origin or may be related to one of the World Wars.

Despite the possibility that the double row is military-related, I have placed it under the Prehistoric ‘Stone Rows’ classification to help people to locate it.

Reference: PastScape, Heritage Gateway, The Stone Rows of Great Britain, Prehistoric Monuments of Dartmoor, Dartmoor Information Exchange Facebook Group.

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