Sam Parr’s (Tinners’ Hut) House (335 m)

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A curious tinners’ hut with a collapsed chimney, a possible ‘keep safe’ and an inscription. Around 1840 Sam Parr and his family moved in. There is a small ‘outbuilding’.

Fascinating inscription carved into a granite block ‘HC 1753’ (below). This suggests the inscription was made before Sam Parr and family dwelt there. Personally I’m not entirely convinced about the ‘H’. I think it’s ‘+C 1753’, but ‘H’ seems to be used in the research. I have even wondered if it’s a ‘new’ Dartmoor Cross? Someone appears to have tried to make the inscription legible by marking it with charcoal?

Sam Parr's House-Inscription-HC1753

Sam Parr’s collapsed chimney (below)


Sam Parr’s ‘Keep Safe/ Cache’, or ‘Candle Niche’? (below)


This could also be called ‘Stream Cottage’ (Sandles, Gazetteer).

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