Sheepstor Village (365, R6, pg313)

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55 (2%) of Registered Dartefacters have visited this item. They are: H.Smyly, Sir Lose-a-Lot, Dave Hamnett, big-oki, paul glanville, rachfarley, Neil Armstrong, Moreoutdoor, Baron Baskerville, Kbworth, cburridgebarney,, Clanger, mkcladi, Dartmoor Paul, Laviefish, Torbagga, Pat, Peter Caton, Hadrian, JennyNatureWriter, delpez, Paulmilsom, CocosCrew, Richard Blight, ChrisHaigh1206, Joy Topping, DartmoorFromAnAutisticPerspective, weelassie, joCam, Simon40, Vrokastro, Mellyoxb, Peter Brooks, maparle, Tinroofrusty, tiamaria, Karin B, Drinneevar, Amanda Ellis, Fr66, SteveGrigg, bobfitzy62, haavl, Max Piper, noisemonkey, LaurenceVinnels, Michael Williams, Ollismark, Sheron, BevDickinson, JoLW, Jannergirl, Neil Handley, GlavindStrachan

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