Stennen Hill Ruined Building with ‘L’ Shaped Wall Extension

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Is this a possible linhay?

The remains of a post-medieval building which cuts through the enclosure of a prehistoric hut circle settlement (SX 67 NW 19) on a south east facing slope overlooking the valley of the Cherry Brook. The building survives as a single roomed dwelling house with an attached linhay. The interior of the house measures 6.3 metres long by 3.5 metres wide and is defined by a faced 0.65 metre wide drystone wall standing up to 1.7 metres high. A fire place survives against the north western wall of the house. The linhay is attached to the south western wall of the house and measures internally 8.3 metres long by 2.6 metres wide, with its open south eastern side being denoted by three substantial orthostats standing up to 1.8 metres high. These orthostats would have originally supported a roof.

Reference: Dartmoor HER

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