Tethering Ring, Great Stannon Newtake, East Dart River (389 m)

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This tethering ring seems to be in an odd location. Surely an animal tied up here runs a big chance of falling into the stream and drowning?? Is it possible that this ‘tethering ring’ might actually be part of a gate that has fallen? But this also seems unlikely as the boulder it is on is rather large and I doubt it has fallen/ rolled backwards.

Just over on the nearby ‘island’ can be seen a second similar looking ‘tethering’ ring and next to it what looks like a fallen gatepost. Which adds further evidence to the ‘gatepost ring’ theory. Is it possible that that second one is also part of a ring and latch system for a gate?

I didn’t wade across to examine further.. perhaps one day on a lower water level..

I finally returned!! And crossed to the island to discover that there were two more rings on the other side of the island (one on the island and one on the other river bank). It is now very clear that these rings were (and still are) used to hold cable/wire that would have been strung across to make a boundary fence – and probably to stop livestock wandering through.

When I next return I will take a camera and GPS to record positions/images.

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