On this page you will find a variety of walks that use ‘Dartefacts‘ as ‘Waypoints‘ – we call them ‘DarteWalks’. All DarteWalks start at car parks and visit at least one Dartmoor 365 item. To view car park/ walk details use the Map (below) or the Tabs (below Map). The Tabs also provide a route ‘filter’ option (click the green triangle to open this). Walks can also be selected by ‘themes’, such as the famous ‘Dartmoor Perambulation’. Walks are categorised as easy, moderate and strenuous. Please be aware of the Countryside Code, Leave No Trace, private land, military firing ranges and the personal responsibility for risk assessment. If you meet a Pixie, don’t follow them.

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PRIVATE LAND: Many of the items listed on this website, especially around the edges of the National Park Boundary, are entirely on private land and in that instance, access must be sought from the landowner before visiting. Do not assume that a listed item is legally accessible.

FIRING RANGES: Military Training involving Live Firing takes place on Dartmoor and it is up to the individual to find out if their walk enters any of the military firing ranges and whether firing is taking place.

RISK ASSESSMENT: Although these walks attempt to highlight ‘Potential Points of Difficulty’ as with any outdoor activity it is the responsibility of the individual to judge and ascertain the safety and suitability of any walk attempted.

No responsibility for trespass, injury or damage to property or persons etc. can be attributed to this website and the authors of these routes.

Map: Click a car park icon on the map below for a pop-up description. Click on that pop-up link to view that car park location and its associated walks in detail.

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Tabs (below): Click on a car park tab (blue) to view car park location or the colour tabs (red = strenuous, amber = moderate, green = easy) for full walk details. Tabs are grouped together by their 10km Ordnance Survey square.

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