Drinking Fountain Erected to Mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Steve Grigg for supplying the photographs and following information:

Near Udal Tor: A Glenfield & Kennedy water pump / drinking fountain erected near to the granite memorial (near the road junction) to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria from 1897.

Glenfield & Kennedy were a large firm from Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, Scotland. They were formed out of two merged companies in 1899.

It is recorded that the Queen Victoria memorial was finished in 1900, which ties in with the date of the Glenfield and Kennedy formation year of 1899. One assumes the drinking fountain was erected in the same year of 1900.

40th Anniversary Commemorative Rock, RAF Harrowbeer

Notes: Steve Grigg, who kindly supplied this item’s NGR, also gives us the text on the commemorative rock:

RAF Harrowbeer Operational 1941-1949

From this station flew pilots of many Commonwealth and Allied
Countries, including Britain, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France,

Poland and the United States of America.

With the support of their ground crews and Airfield Defence units.
This stone is in memory of all those who served here.
And especially those who gave their lives.

Many local residents helped build and maintain this airfield.

Unveiled by the first Station Commander, Group Captain the Honourable E.F.Ward,
On the 15th, August 1981, the fortieth anniversary of the opening of the Station.