Arms Tor Rock Basin

On the very summit of the tor.


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Arms Tor Down


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Great Links Tor Cairn

Notes: Marked on some old maps as a ‘Tumulus’, this is a large disturbed cairn below Great Links Tor and is one of the highest on Dartmoor above the 550m contour line. If you walk between Brai Tor and Great Links Tor, you will pass very close to this cairn as it sits just off the path.

There are further details on The Megalithic Portal.

John’s Cairn (Pile of Stones) above Doetor Brook

‘John’s Cairn’ is a local name given to this cairn (pile of stones) at the crossroads of paths between Arms Tor, Brai Tor and Great Links Tor. It also lies on the old peat track. Acknowledgement: Dianne Jayne Giles.