DOE A.M. 1972 Stone No.2

Acknowledgement: This inscribed stone and the accompanying NGR were kindly supplied by Patricia Davies.

Dave Brewer (2002), Dartmoor Boundary Markers (page 256) comments that: “Not connected with the Dartmoor Preservation Society, other signs of protection of the environment also exist.  On Merrivale Hill there are a number of concrete markers very similar in shape and size to those put up by the Post Office Authorities (now Telecom) to mark their cables.  These are inscribed ‘D/O/E/AM/1972’; the letters standing for ‘Department of the Environment, Ancient Monuments’.  One is just above the small quarry, another towards Over Tor, and others higher up the hill. All protecting the Merrivale antiquities.”

Note that they are quite recent additions (1972). According to Brewer, this is the only place on Dartmoor where this type of marker for an ‘ancient monument’ was used. Who knows how many more stones there are to find?